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Privacy Statement

Privacy Protection

1. The user agrees as following. Personal privacy information refers to the information that can personally identify the user or involve personal communications. It includes the following information: the user's real name, identity card number, mobile phone number, and IP address. Non-personal privacy information refers to the basic recording information which is clearly and objectively reflected on the company server about user's operation status and the using habit of this service, and any other general information outside the scope of all other personal privacy information, as well as the above private information that the user agrees to disclose. 

2. Protecting the privacy of users (especially minors) is a basic policy for Taluer. Taluer will strictly manage and protect the user's information and use corresponding technology to prevent user's personal data from being lost, misappropriated and falsified. We guarantee that Taluer will not publish and offer to the third party with the user's registration information and non-public content stored on Taluer server, except for the following:

2.1 Have obtained prior authorization from the user
2.2 According to relevant laws and regulations;
2.3 According to the requirements of the relevant government;
2.4 To protect the public benefit
2.5 To maintain the legal right of Taluer

3. If you have any question about our privacy policy in any time, please contact us by email market@taluer.com. We will try our best to improve this issue immediately and reasonably.

Intellectual property

1. Taluer is the copyright holder of TALUER HFES. Without the permission by Taluer, the user are not allowed to reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble for Taluer software.

2. All data provided from Taluer web service, which contains texts, pictures, graphics, audio and/or video, are protected by copyright law, trademark law and/or other property ownership laws. Without the consent of the relevant obligee, the whole above materials are not allowed to directly or indirectly  publish 、broadcast 、rewrite or redistribute for broadcasting and publishing purpose in any media , and for any other commercial purpose. All such data or any part of the data can be kept in the user terminal only for private and non-commercial usage. Taluer will not be responsible for any damage to the user or the third party in any way , for any delay, inaccuracy, error and omission arising out of or resulting from transmission of or transmission of all or part of the above information. 

3. The whole content of Taluer works is only representative of the author's own position and viewpoint. It has nothing to do with Taluer. The author himself will take all legal responsibility.