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After Sale policy

TALUER guarantee for six months warranty, including the motors , battery , printed circuit board. But excluding tire , sand paper, and covers.

Not guarantee for following situation:

1、Not saled from TALUER or authorized distributer;

2、Out of date;

3、Problem causes under unauthorized maintenance / collision / water penetration  / accident or uncorrect installation, or tear off / change label / machine serial number;

4、Defective Carton / Accessory /  User manual , or invoice has been changed;

5、Damage caused by force majeure;


1、Six months guarantee for motors / battery / printed circuit board. Customer can have lifetime maintenance service beyond shelf life , just pay for the part cost.

2、Warranty is excluding tire and covers.

3、Customer can go to the nearest distributer for maintenance, or contact TALUER and send back by express delivery.

4、All authorized distributers can provide maintenance service.