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About Us

Taluer technology is a leading innovator of hands free electric skateboard.  The company is specialized in researching, developing and distributing green energy travel tools. We have our own R & D team, sales and after-sale service departments. Our R & D team members are well-experienced in motion control technology.  All of them have ever engaged in robotics, electric scooter vehicles, or electric skateboard research and development.  Taluer is located in Shenzhen, the world's most famous World Design Capital.  

Taluer Hands Free Electric Skateboard is the first one only controlled by body posture all over the world. It can be operated freely by body leaning, abandons any remote controllers. Our company owns many patented technologies and our unique dynamic load balancing algorithm ensures the skateboard can be fully controlled by body gravity changes. It is very safe, easy to learn and fantastic! 

Taluer dedicates to intelligent and environment friendly cutting- edge technology and we hope to make our lives more intelligent, more convenient and more enjoyable with those innovative products!  

Taluer, Think and Go!