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How to use the advance setting?

Create: 2018-04-06 14:45     From: taluer

1. Limitation of sensor's output

Usually we set this parameter to 300~380 when in factory. After usage for a long time and feel PatrolSport is not so sensitive, you can change to a large one. Make sure these four param are the same.

2. Sensitive parameter

Setup these parameter to experience different driving feel.

Starting range: when the pressure value exceed this range, motor start to drive.

Accelerator: decide to accelerate fast or slowly.

Single foot parameter: detect whether one foot already lift up.

3. Kp

Another parameter to decide acceleration. It has inverse relation with acceleration.

4. Offset of acceleration

When you found left and right direction have different acceleration experience, setup this parameter.

5. Restore factory parameter

Setup all parameter above to factory setting.

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