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PatrolSport firmware version V2.2 has been released

Create: 2018-03-02 16:01     From: taluer

PatrolSport firmware version V2.2 has been released.

After a long Spring Festivalholiday and rigorous testing by the testing department, the 2.2 firmwareversion of electric skateboard was officially released on March 5. One of thehighlights of this update is to provide a gravity sensing setting interface, inconjunction with the new APP, completely let the control flexibility in yourown hands. Please take out your mobile phone upgrade firmware and experiencethis powerful feature update!

This version update features:


Version: sw2.2.0.0_20180302.fw

Publisher: taluer

Release time: 2018.03.05

Publishing log:

1, Addiction the interfaceconfiguration in Youth or Ultimate type.

2. RF initialization errors arereported to the panel lights and no rework is reported to prevent the circuitboard lack of solder affecting riding.

3, RTC initialization uses aseparate task, RTC and plug-in flash initialization error does not report torepair, report to the panel lights, to prevent the effect of Weld

4, Addiction volume settings savedto flash function

5, Sensor limit value can be configuredto be configurable.

6, Error LED flash sensor can determinea sensor out of malfunction.

7, Reset the automatic shutdown andcount time after connecting Bluetooth.

8, Power is too low for more than10 seconds then prompting.

9, Interval between error lamp is twoseconds.

10, Addiction the advanced mode ofposture control parameter settings function.

11, Solve the situation of choppy when the RF no signal in sudden but isquickly connected. 


Do not know how to update the firmware? Please quickly check the app!

Wish you all have fun!

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