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Posture control electric skateboard

Create: 2017-10-17 15:45     From: taluer

With the constantdevelopment, various kinds of skateboards have sprung up like mushrooms. Whenone mentions skateboard, the first impression in many people's minds is thatthere are wooden planks with four wheels. Cool, fashionable and young are allsynonymous of it. Foreigners fly around the streets full of graffiti, playing avariety of tricks. However, the skill of attracting girls' eyes is not something that the common person can learn. Andthere are some limitations, only relying on the promotion of the foot forceplus the poor passing of the wheel can only play in Park Square. (However, theplaying experts of skateboard can really play a kind of taste, that kind oftaste is others looking at you with full of surprise and envy.)

Posture control electric skateboard

(Shenzhen Taluer Technology Co., Ltd. 2017 newlyreleased Posture control electric skateboard PatrolSport (Yi))

On the basis of the original skateboard, the battery and motor are added toprovide power. The overall is bigger than the manpower scooters. The only deficiencyis that the weight is also a little heavy. However, for those of you who arestrong, this weight is not a problem.

PatrolSport controls the direction by the rider'sbody weight, built-in pressure sensor, control method is very simple, similarto hoverboard, relying on the gravity of human body control acceleration andturning.

In case of an unexpected situation, you need to jumpand PatrolSport will automatically brake when the rider leaves the skateboard,ensuring the safety of riding.

The advantage of PatrolSport is also that when tiredof gravity control, the remote control can be switched at any time. Stand onthe skateboard and dial the remote control in your hand. Eliminating the costof continuous efforts, greatly reducing the fatigue of rider.

PatrolSport's APP can be used as a remote control,"driverless", car parameters, firmware upgrades, social functions,etc., but also can open the novice or normal  modes. The maximum riding speed can reach 15kilometers per hour.

PatrolSport electric skateboard,which incorporates fashion and technology elements, has been popular amongskateboard fans and fashionistas since its launch.
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